Alan Harris, British artist was born in 1954 in London, in the post-war era. 

Growing up in a city full of marks left by World War 2 Alan has been influenced by those images that he depicts in many of his early works. 
The initial work of this artist is deeply influenced by the postwar images where his father participated and left indelible marks in his memory and in his painting. Empty, dark streets, with semi-dilapidated buildings and stray cats roaming the streets, were the first characteristics of his paintings.

His work shows scenes from his childhood mixed with stories of his forefathers, creating a personal and intimate world of nostalgia in each of his paintings.

Dream like spaces and empty, cold streets are characteristic of Alan's artwork, but though they may lack people they are still infused with activity.  Whether an overflowing dustbin, a cat hiding in the corner, or a forgotten can of Coke, Alan's art reflects life and memories in a way that conjures images of the household and a strong sense of family.  Though they may appear empty on the surface, Alan's work inspires the viewer with feelings of both happiness and warm nostalgia.  Each picture is an image created by an artist who relies upon his memory to convey the very issues with it.   Alan is able to truly embody memory in a way that showcases both its importance, wonderfulness and even its fragility.

In his late work,  he evolves to more modern images where traffic and bustle, lights and people appear in his paintings giving life and showing the change that globalization has brought and the growth of the world economy.

Always with a great sense of architectural space, Alan has managed to paint in his work a unique concept that stands out from his contemporaries. His ability to abstract the main elements of each city and create that image with which the public easily connects and which is part of their own experience is unique. He depicts in his paintings the atmosphere of modern cities with traffic lights, cars, people, rain .. could be it London or Paris or New York, Alan achieves not only the atmosphere and space but also inspires emotions and feelings in an urban landscape that connects the public with his art in an incredible way, because, there is not an only description in his paintings, but there is beauty, the beauty that this artist extracts from the big cities, and transfer to a canvas is what makes the art of Alan Harris unique.