Latest work

This new series of sculptures start with the process of modeling with an intuitive way of building up figures that is quite unique, a talent that allows him to develop this sculptural technique 
Alan who has, in the past, worked with discarded objects following the philosophy of Kintsugi has now developed a new process of creating his works from scratch. Working the material in their original forms, sculpting and finally works the surfaces through a series of chemical process to obtain the unique colours that give the unique character to his sculptures.
“ My knowledge and application of Kintsugi on previous sculptures have helped me understand and translate the feeling of frailty and strength into my new works”
From the complexity of forming something of haunting beauty from a mixture of different materials, Alan is able to create such highly empathetic works. His unique way of processing the materials combining and mixing them from their original state to convert them in an expressionist figure, old, rusty, imperfect but somehow beautiful is nothing less than impressive.
These sculptures integrate into any location transforming their environment, with edgy dynamics and primal honesty.