Mixed Media Conceptual Art

A series of original sculptures, which mark Harris's shift from figurative to conceptual art. Taking inspiration from the Assemblage of Marcel du Champ, as well as other contemporaneous artists including René Magritte and Gustav Klimt.

Like Klimt, Harris makes use of a golden colour palette, and takes inspiration from Orientalism, including the Japanese art of Kintsugi/tsukuroi (Gold joining/repair), and the legend of the Utsurubune (Hollow Ship). "Art is how we decorate space, Music is how we decorate time."



"I created these sculptures by using broken or otherwise discarded objects, to give them new or continued life by reworking them as works of art. Using Kintsukuroi, to not only repair, but also to celebrate the initial damage with golden emphasis. My work was inspired by knowledge of this art, and a desire to preserve the past, like most of my figurative work.. Many of the sculptures are created using broken musical instruments, transforming them from audio to visual art. The objects are given additional artistic and material value through not only the decision to repair them in today's throwaway world, but by the luxury materials used to do so. Many make references to golden eras in art history, as well as traditional oriental art.."  A. Harris.